Multi-Purpose Tools

Multi-Purpose Tools

Multi-Purpose Tools


Model No.: MP-1000



* Its extra high frequency oscillating action makes for a smooth-running tool that can cut, sand, polish, scrape, shape as well as remove grout from hard to reach areas.

* The multi-purpose tool possesses a range of cutting and sanding attachments and is ideal for:

  Sanding corners of hard to reach angles


  Carpet scraping / linoleum

  Cutting wood / plastic and soft metals

  Grout removal

  Wood putty

  Cutting dry wool etc…




3 Piece Blade Set

Stainless steel blades attach easily to your Multifunction Tool allowing power cutting and scraping, even in

harder-to-reach areas.

* Angled cutters comes with aggressive "toothed" edge

* 2 scrapers: angled scraper reaches hard-to-reach areas, and the flat scraper is excellent in wide-open work areas.

* Blade sizes: 1-1/4" wide angled cutter, 2” wide angled scraper and flat scraper

3-1/2" Half-Moon Blade

* Features a flat side for working flush against the work surface

* Blade material: High carbon steel

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