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X'Pole Precision tools Corporation was established in 1983 specifically for the manufacture of pneumatic tools. Through ideals of professionalism, innovation, rigorous research and development, commitment to human welfare as well as the dedication to quality, X'Pole quickly became one of the leading manufacturers in the field of pneumatic tools. In 2004, X'Pole became a public company, listed on TES (Taiwan Emerging Stock).

Due to its thriving business, X'Pole reorganized its resources and diversified them into four dimensions: automotive air tools in Mainland China, machining, products and service. With sustainable and increasing growth in the pneumatic finishing tool sector throughout the world, X'Pole believes that these businesses will generate increasing revenue and will become another success story for the company and its shareholders.


Prime Supply Inc. is a sales division of X'Pole Precision tools Corp, provide customer a total solution, our proprietary product line include the AirVANTANTAGE Tools family of product, Prime, Prima Electronic, Ultimate tools.


Our Manufacturing site products of LP (low profile) random orbital sanders, abrasive finish tool, abrasive belt sander etc.., R.O Sanders speed rating 10,000 to 12,000 RPM. Ergonomically designed to deliver greater control, balance and comfort. Generates up to 0.28 hp for fast efficient performance over virtually every application. Available in a complete variety of non-vacuum, central vacuum, and self-generating vacuum models, 30 models for various applications.


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* Company Structure---Cooperation, majority of shear holders in the Company
X'pole's company structure is very similar to any other pubic limited companies.
The total work force of X'Pole KunShan China is 300, and monthly capacity 15,000 pieces.


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